Now This Is How You Wear Pinstripes to the Office

Shop the look: 1. Allude top, $209; 2. Aritzia jacket, $265; 3. Timex watch, $42; 4. Topshop boots, $135; 5. Pixie Market skirt, $98; 6. Chico's earrings, $29;

Allow us to distract you from post-election programming a winning new way to wear pinstripes at the office. Combine this clean-lined wrap skirt and surprisingly feminine polo top (we love the longer sleeves and thinner collar). With the help of a longline navy blazer—which, bonus, you can totally wear jeans and sweater this weekend—and sleek accessories added in, it may just be enough to boost your mood after these last few stress-filled days. That and, you know, the Chipotle burrito bowl you're planning to order for lunch.